Lucky you! A company seems to be very interested on you, so you are told to go to London for an interview.
Certainly you come to this interview looking forward to starting a new stage in your life, and with the self-confidence of doing it as accurate as possible.
You will be interviewed by your teacher, or by a classmate, and you have to prepare it in advance. Under the second option, both students will have to assume the two roles (interviewee and interviewer, so they would prepare two interviews).
In order to do it properly, here you have some information:Reed website offers a comprehensive and very useful information. This other page offers a short guide with frequent doubts and questions.Also there are Spanish sites that you could check (

In Infoempleos blog you can see some videos about the job interview, as for example:

There are lots of videos on websites such as YouTube, and you can learn a lot watching them!Of course there is an enormous amount of (good and bad) information, so try to find it by yourself. In any case, you can always ask your teacher for advice.The maximum qualification wil be of 0,5 points.