You have been dismissed and although you are going to receive your unemployment benefit, you would like to look for another job.
A good option would be to get a job abroad, mainly in Britain, in order to improve your English.
Finally you decide to send your CV to some British companies of your professional sector. (Do we need to say that you have to do it in English?)

Please, point that there are some important differences in the way British do CVs, so you should not translate yours from Spanish literally.

Here you have some useful links:
The Europass is not commonly used in the UK, but you should know about it, especially the CV and the Languaje Passport, because they are generally accepted in other European countries. You have the instructions for filling in the Europass CV, and some examples
You have a lots of webs information, for example, in Infoempleoand other pages with very good tips, such as this one,and this other
You can check the University of Kent website for a comprehensive information, and also a Job website, Reed,
and very good examples and advises in
Jobs, careers, employment and recruitment at
Jobs, careers, employment and recruitment at

Ask your teacher for more useful information.

The maximum qualification in this activity will be of 0,5 points.